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ghosts and Bishops Stortford

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ghosts and Bishops Stortford

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As I have lived in Bishops Stortford for many years now and as I love ghost stories I enjoyed this article posted on our local newspaper. All the locations are close to one another. The Black Lion and the Star are pubs frequented by my daughter but she is no grey lady. George Hotel still exists but a large part of it is a Prezzos. Boar’s Head is shortly to re-open as a Turkish restaurant. The Church is a lovely building. British Legion are trying to stay in this building but may have to leave.

From the Grey Lady and a screaming man to a young girl in Victorian dress and the spirit of a woman who was stabbed to death, Stortford really does have the tales to inspire a spook-filled Hallowe'en.
So as you prepare to go trick or treating this weekend, take a moment to remind yourself of the places where paranormal activity is most likely to occur.

1. Coopers of Stortford (Bridge Street)
Coopers is a notorious hangout for the Grey Lady, who has supposedly haunted the building for hundreds of years. Builders who worked at the premises in the 1960s reported instances of tools disappearing and freshly plastered walls becoming marked.
In the run-up to Hallowe'en 2013, staff noticed a number of odd occurrences - and one person believed they saw the ghost. Head of marketing Graham Burgess said: "It was a misty grey figure gliding between the new shop fittings, before disappearing five seconds or so later."
2. Black Lion (Bridge Street)
According to, the Black Lion is home to a number of phantoms from a time when the pub sheltered coffins. Many of the ghouls are said to be dark, misty figures. The most frequent to appear, though, is a girl in Victorian dress and bonnet. There are also accounts of guests being woken by the sound of someone entering their room. On all occasions, however, there has been no-one to see.
3. Star Inn (Bridge Street)
It is thought the Grey Lady makes an appearance in the Star every now and again. Licensees and customers have reported seeing her - and a cleaner is said to have been confronted by the spirit. She fled the pub and swore never to return.
4. Herts & Essex Observer (North Street)
Staff of the Observer have been intrigued by the prospect of paranormal 'colleagues' for years, so much so that ghost hunters visited the building in April 2014 to investigate. A pair of legs shrouded in black walked along a corridor next to the conference room once, according to a receptionist, while others have reported footsteps and lights turning on by themselves.
It is said that there are four ghosts in the four-storey building: one on the very top floor who is frightened and does not want to be disturbed, another of similar nature on the first floor, a small girl who roams freely up and down the floors, and a fourth spirit that tends to linger on lower levels.
5. George Hotel (North Street)
According to legend, room 27 is at the centre of all ghost activity. Guests who have stayed in it have reported a grey mist hovering over the bed. A number have said they felt like they were being watched.
The spirit has been known to move furniture and staff used to find the bed unmade when no-one had stayed in the room. It is suspected by some that a woman was stabbed to death in there.
6. Boar's Head (Windhill)
More than one investigation has been carried out at this pub in the last few decades. The most recent revealed a woman who sits in a corner of the bar. She is apparently upset or anxious about news she was told by a loved one. It also revealed a man in the cellar who is thought to have worked there. Both the ghosts are said to be 'active', having interacted with investigators by one method or another.
7. Bishop's House (Windhill)
Many spirits have been spotted in Bishop's House, but again the Grey Lady is the most sighted. At one time, human bones were found underneath an old cupboard. They were given a proper burial in the hope of bringing an end to the haunting, but it seemed to have little effect. Loud noises and running feet are still heard when it seems impossible and the Grey Lady is thought to roam the corridors.
8. St Michael's Church (Windhill)
Numerous inexplicable incidents have occurred in the churchyard. A man claimed to see a black figure creeping among the graves. He said the figure was a bit taller than an average man and appeared to have no facial features. In another instance, a woman reported seeing a female spirit wearing a long dress. She vanished shortly after being spotted.
9. Royal British Legion Club (Windhill)
The manager of the club, who lives upstairs, has been woken by the sound of doors slamming and various other noises in rooms below. On another occasion, she was closing up for the night when she heard a man say "Hello". She turned around, expecting to see a customer, but the room was empty.
10. Town centre
The centre of Bishop's Stortford is reputedly a favourite haunt for a figure that runs through the town screaming. Few details are known about the supposed ghost, but it was sighted a lot in the 1980s.

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